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The term "Solar Panel"....

refers to materials that you lay out in the sun to capture the energy of the sunlight. The photo energy of the sun is converted to a DC current which is the same kind of current as you get from a battery.

For the longest time, photocells or photovoltaics as they are called were thick, heavy, bulky and inefficient. Modern cells are light and very efficient. The technology has become so advanced that some of them can actually be rolled up and put in a sports bag to take with you to the beach.

Solar panels have reached such levels of efficiency as to be used to power your whole house if you have a large enough roof and the sun shines with enough intensity in your area.

If you decide you've really had enough of the power company and the size of the carbon or nuclear footprint your personal energy usage is causing, you can opt to go all the way and use solar panels along with windmill technology to generate electricity.

These systems are more complex but the theory can be easily mastered. Properly set up and assuming you are in the right area, you can not only generate enough power for your own uses but you can SELL excess power to your local power authority.

To explain fully how this can be done requires more finesse and room than I can muster on this page but go to SOLAR PANELS to have a look at the most complete book I have ever seen on how to set up your own little alternative energy gold mine.

What about The Cost?

The costs of these systems can vary a lot on how skilled you are with tolls and such. Some of these collectors you can get cheap because they arrived somewhere somewhat damaged but, still quite usable.

There are other factors to take into account as you plan and build your system. If you live in a dusty area, for example, this will lower the yield of your solar panel field.

A lot of cloud time will also lower the output but, not nearly as much as you might think.

"Surely You Were Kidding About Selling Power Back The Power Company! Weren't You?"!

No, I was not! It requires something called a transfer switch but, any electrician can install one for you. The rest is up to you and how well you plan your system in regards to where you live.

As a matter of fact, there are many local governments now that offer grants or other incentives to get people to produce their own power and to sell excess electricity to the local thirsty power grid.


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