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With recent advances in technology, the tanking economy and incredibly unreliable sources of oil, the term Solar Generator will probably become a part of your building code.

My dad used to tell me that you can usually find the best solution to any problem right under your nose. "You're not just seeing it," he would say.

What could be more simple? A plate you leave out in the sunlight feeding electricity to a simple battery (your car's will do and you don't even have to disconnect it from your vehicle). This portable solar generator is a standalone system.

At home, a solar generator can provide comfort, safety and security during power outages and emergencies, and can be installed temporarily during these situations by using exterior grade extension cords.

The device you use to collect energy from the sun is called a Solar Panel. These are used extensively in rural areas that are not serviced by the utility grid. Solar and

Residential Wind Power technology offer many advantages as your remote site power supplies. This article will focus on the sun side of the equation.

Solar panels to produce electricity with 25-year warranties, wind generators, hydro-electric turbines, complete solar electric systems and renewable energy equipment for the production, control and use of electricity are readily available. The only decision you have to make is how much do you want to spend coupled with how much energy does your application reasonably need?

"How Do They Work?"

A solar generator takes energy from the sun, uses a battery to store the energy until you need it and a device that converts battery electricity to household electricity if you are using appliances that require alternating (house) current like home appliances or office equipment like computers and photocopiers.

Solar generators are now commercially available. They go a long way to conserving our natural resources and reducing our dependency on fossil fuel. Some are small enough to take on camping trips while others are large enough to furnish your home with all its power requirements and some extra that you can sell to the local power company.

Grid-connected photovoltaic systems are typically sized to eliminate part of your electric bill because of the higher upfront costs associated with purchasing a larger system. A grid disconnect allows you to stop the flow of electricity between your solar panels and the local power grid. These hybrid systems also usually incorporate wind driven turbines which are another form of

Solar Generator.

These larger systems are a little pricey but the payback is just a few years. One down side is that they have to be professionally installed. You don't want Uncle Harry that fixed your light last year to install a manual disconnect to the power grid, even if he says he can do it in his sleep!

Batteries are used to store electrical energy. They have come a long way in the last few years. The great challenge with them is developing what is called deep cycle batteries. These are batteries that thrive on being partially sucked dry of power and then recharged. Most batteries don't like that. They develop "memories" (crystalization) and soon become ineffective.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency can meet half of the world's energy needs by 2050, but time is running out, warn the European Renewable Energy Council and Greenpeace. So, ride the green wave, wave goodbye to your power company and breathe the clean air.


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