People frequently ask me, "What small business opportunities online are left out there?"

It's not a matter of which are left as if all the "good" ones have been taken up. It's a matter of something called BAM. What this stands for is brains, ambition and motivation.

The brains part has nothing to do with whether or not you can solve quadratic equations. It is a matter of how much you are willing to learn. In effect, you can ask yourself, "Do I want to succeed enough to be willing to read, try and learn many different things?"

The ambition part has everything to do with your personal drive. How intense are your dreams? How badly do you want to tell the boss what he can do with his job?

Motivation deals with your personal life goals. Do you want to spend decades working as part of the gray herd of mediocrity so that you can retire broke and sick or are you willing to sacrifice now so that the future is totally in your hands?

This, by the way, has nothing to do with how old you are now. The older people get, the more determined they become and this can easily make up the difference from starting at a younger age to build for yourself.

So, what can you do as a small business? Here are 7 ideas and keep in back of your mind what you LOVE to do. That is extremely important and can easily add the extra bit of fire to your inner furnace when the going gets tough:

1. The weight loss market: Yes, it is bloated (forgive the pun), but there are many small niches that you could dominate. Here are 2: Man boobs and thigh fat. There are many others, but you get the idea. 2. Dog training: This is not the kind of training that teaches Rover to roll over. This is the kind that people are desperate for like teaching the dog not to snap at the neighbor's kids or the mailman and so forth. This is specialized training and you can develop a brand for it. 3. Anything to do with the green movement: You can have a site on wind power, solar cells, building solar panels, alternative living, extreme hydroponic gardening from an apartment patio and so forth. 4. Home manufacturing: If you have the room. Anything from bird houses and porch swings to radio controlled airplanes can be manufactured at home and sold on the internet from your own site. Think of manufacturing something you love when you contemplate opening a small business. Have fun. 5. Geriatric aids: Television commercials are on all the time for machines to help older people. We are an aging population and the market is exploding for anything that can help us stay home as we age. This is the perfect market to start a small business in. I know a lady who has built a large business on the internet. She lives way out in the country and is an affiliate for a company far away that has all kinds of aids for old people. She sells online, they ship and take care of everything else. This is called affiliate marketing and it is earning her six figures a year. 6. Purification equipment: This could apply to air purifiers, water filter and all kinds of things to keep our homes clean and healthy. Remember, we are aging and we buy anything that will help us stay out of the hospitals. 7. Addictions: This one can be dicey if you haven't dealt with something yourself , but it surely can be done. You can sell books and courses. Many clinics offer pay-per-lead programs. You attract people to your site, offer them help and hope and send them along to the clinics. If they go in, you get a commission. Usually, these pay handsomely and you get the added benefit of helping those in desperate need.

In conclusion, can you see where there is virtually no limit to what you can do as a small business and that you don't need much of a small business plan? Just remember that you are the one that will determine the success of your enterprise.