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Turbines for farms and residential applications are seeing much more activity and come in sizes that can power several major appliances all the way up to your whole house and beyond.

Alternative power for the household such as residential wind power and residential solar power systems are more efficient and cheaper than ever. Wind turbines produce no pollution and by using wind power you will be offsetting pollution that would have been generated by your utility company.

These systems are getting more desirable all the time, with improvements making home wind turbines more efficient and less costly.

Wind is the “fuel” for your wind generator. How much cheaper can it get? Designed for harsh climates, they are built simply and ruggedly to quietly run for a long time.

There are problems, however.

Complaint 1: Positioning. Turbines are normally positioned at a distance of at least twice their diameters to prevent interference from one another. The same applies to distance to the ground. You can place your DIY home wind power system above the ground in a convenient location.

Complaint 2: Height. Wind velocity and, therefore wind turbine performance, increases with altitude. A good spot for your turbine is on the roof of the house. Wind turbines do not interfere with TV reception.

Alternatively, you will need a tower to mount your windmill on and anchor it in a sturdy concrete pad on the ground. It’s worth the expense and trouble. Windmill power can get you off the power grid and save you money.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always check with your local government body like city construction department or municipality before going ahead with any project, even roof mounted solar cells or turbines. Local ordenances must always be obeyed.

Complaint 3: Hard to find. Wind powered generators will be harder to come across than normal fuel generators but there are many useful applications for them including charging batteries and powering small appliances and tools. They can even power your whole home.

Coupled with Solar Panels,

your residential wind power generator can produce more than enough power for your family.

Do your homework and learn to build your system yourself. Your savings will skyrocket and it will give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Materials are usually quite easy to get. The blades, for example, can be made of PVC pipe, plywood or corrugated cardboard

Residential wind power is a great way to become an active participant in the green movement and it can save you big bucks on your utility bill.

The whole process is becoming more feasible with every passing year. New technologies are making home wind turbines more sightly, more efficient, and less expensive.

The technology is changing quickly so be prepared for upgrades and even greater savings. What frequently happens with a project like this is that you quickly grow attached to the savings and the feeling of accomplishment and of giving to the environment.

Can we say greenhouse? Did I hear sunroom?

It all boils down to a budget-conscious, green way to get electricity at home. Jump aboard and ride the green wave!

Your wallet and your children's children will thank you.

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