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The Wireless Home Security System

Home wireless security cameras are so inexpensive now. Wireless home security cameras and the incredibly flexible wireless home security system setups that are now available can be set up quickly by anyone who can read simple instructions.

There are things to watch for, things that upset these systems and one large hazard that might cost you your life that you should be aware of.

Home Wireless Security Cameras

First, let me tell you about a hazard regarding home wireless security cameras. Make absolutely sure that your cameras are in plain view. Go well out of your way to publicize that the premises is under surveillance.

If you have to, buy a couple of cheap fake cameras to overemphasize the security you have set up in the area.


If criminals can't see the cameras, they won't know that they are being recorded and they will go about their merry way robbing and doing whatever else they want. Home wireless security cameras are great, but they will not scare anyone away if they are not highly visible. If they remain hidden, they will loyally record the crime, but that's it. The criminals won't feel any fear and fear is what you want to run cold though their veins.

Camera Thief Caught on Home Wireless Security Cameras

Camera Thief Caught on Wireless Security Camera
By Mike Josh Ward

When a business owner arrived to work in the morning, he noticed that two benches had been moved and were placed in front of the door. He looked around to see why they would have been moved, and saw that the home wireless security cameras were missing. Upon review of the recorded footage, he discovered that the cameras had been stolen. The business owner jokingly remarked that perhaps the thief wanted the home wireless security cameras for his mother's day gift for his own mother.

Fortunately for this business owner, the camera thief wasn't very smart. The home wireless security cameras captured and recorded a clear image of his face right before he stole the camera. The thief was wearing a mask, but it didn't hide his entire face. From the images, the thief's mouth, nose, and eyes are still visible from the mask. The images were recorded up until the second he stole the camera, so the business owner and the police have a picture of the masked man to show the public. They are hoping that someone will recognize enough features of his face that were shown so they can make an arrest and prosecute the man.

In addition the home wireless security cameras affixed to the front door, there were also cameras mounted on the rooftop of the building. The rooftop cameras also recorded images of the theft taking place. The masked thief was described as having ninja like characteristics. He went to great lengths to steal the cameras that were also on the rooftop. To get to the rooftop, the thief had to jump fences and scale up the side of the building use a lumber rack for hand and foot holdings. Not only did he have to climb up 18 feet high, but it was raining while all of this was taking place.

After police reviewed the footage the cameras had

recorded before they were stolen, it appears that the thief's purpose was solely to steal the cameras. He never tried to break into the store. Also, after investigating the outside of the building, there weren't any attempts to break door locks or windows. The business owner is puzzled by the thief's actions. He said that home wireless security cameras are so affordable and, he doesn't know why the thief wasn't trying to steal merchandise from his store.

Employees of the store have posted pictures of the masked man around the store and put the video footage up on YouTube. They are hoping someone will recognize the parts of his face that were shown. The wireless security cameras the thief now has in his possession will more than likely be the reason the man is found and charged with theft.

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Wireless Home Security Cameras Guide

Home Security - Wireless Home Security System - Product Reviews

Home Security - Wireless Home Security Cameras - Product Reviews
By Jack Krohn

There is pretty much universal agreement among law enforcement officials that one of the best ways to prevent home burglaries or even home invasions is with a home security camera. They send a clear unmistakable message to would-be burglars who might be targeting your home to stay away. Burglarize somebody else!

If they are dumb enough to break into your house without seeing the home wireless security camera, then their picture will be readily available to authorities for apprehension.

When it comes to security cameras for home security some of the best ones are wireless home security cameras. Here are three of the top ones.

1. First is a wireless indoor IP camera. An IP camera connects directly to your computer or DVR and uses an IP address to transmit video through a network. This not only saves you money, but the capabilities allow you to view the video from anywhere in the world using an IP address. The software can support up to 16 cameras.

2. Second is a day night bullet color camera that has 30 built-in infrared illuminators. It is fully weatherproof and is one of the best color bullet cameras you can get.

3. Next is a wireless day night bullet professional camera with 56 LEDs. This outstanding camera provides video security with night vision capability of 60 feet in total darkness. It has 420 TV lines of resolution for excellent picture quality.

The last two wireless models require a receiver to receive the wireless signal. That is available for free.

If you want to increase the security of your home one of the best ways to do it is with one of these video cameras. Actually I recommend two one for the back door, one for the front door.

When are you getting one?

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The Wireless Home Security System

The Modern Home Security System - Protect Your House From Thieves and Burglars

Wireless Home Security System - Protect Your House From Thieves and Burglars
By Tobias Pimentel

You will see that wireless security systems are much better than complicated traditional security systems. You do not even need the help of a professional technician for installing this product. You do not have to worry about cables and wires if you are purchasing a wireless system. You will get a user's manual and essential tools that would help you to attach the system without any hassle.

Battery operated remote sensors are also provided to you that are very sensitive and efficient. In order to obtain hundred percent satisfaction, you must change the batteries frequently. So now let me discuss some great points that you must know before purchasing a wireless device.

1. Planning and Organizing
Choosing the right place to install the control panel can be very tricky that is why you must plan and organize everything properly. It should always be placed near an electric outlet so that it obtains power properly. You also have to select a suitable place for installing your security and alarm sensors. Try to select a secure place where the burglars and thieves can not locate it easily.

2. Installing the control
Your control panel is a very important device that is connected with different sensors and alarm systems that are placed inside your house. Although the system requires no wires still you will need a single wire that would connect the control panel with the other outlet devices. All the systems come with battery back-up that can be used in case the system is unplugged. If you want, you can also connect the security system with your phone line.

3. Programming and installing the siren on your wireless home security system.
It is advisable for you to read the manufacturer's instructions before programming the siren. A code is provided for your security which you can change as per your requirements. Try to plug the siren into any electric outlet that would help the device to operate smoothly.

4. Controlling the panel program
A keypad is provided with the control panel that helps you to install the essential features of your wireless alarm system. Worksheets are also provided with some systems that help you to prepare and program your control panel.

5. Installation of the security sensors
Window and door sensors are provided with the security system and these sensors contain a transmitter and a magnet. The sensors should be attached on the edge of the door and window in order to achieve hundred percent results. Broken-glass sensors, Passive Infrared Motion Sensors and smoke detectors are also available in the market. Well these are some vital things that can really help you to purchase a good wireless home security system.

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